We are the company specialized in measuring radiation of construction material.

According to EU Directive EU COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2013/59 / EURATOM then all construction products must be checked, measured and declared. We offer system that verifies your specific building products.

Currently, intensive work with the authorities to implement this Directive. How fulfillment of legal requirements and compliance must be checked in all EU countries.
The legal requirement for the EU to be introduced 2018-02-06 in full effect.

Are you prepared to sell or purchase any construction product which is not controlled?

Limits and responsibilities
Limits are clearly stated in the EU directive.
Requirements wording of the different national regulatory frameworks in the EU countries can vary. Maximum quantity of substances may be less than that set by the EU Directive. The requirement may be harder in the individual countries, however, never softer. This is to ensure that all EU countries have a consensus on the lowest level of requirements. Too facilitate cross-border trade in goods.

But who is responsible for the construction product meets set thresholds?

The client should always check or ensure such compliance. The client will use the investment for a long time in future.
It is both prudent and cost effective to measure the activity of the source materials (gravel, sand, blocks, rock) and construction materials (concrete). As a customer, to require measurement certificate from the supplier. Measurements should be performed by an accredited company.

For advice and support in this, you can take cost-neutral contact us.