Construction material
Gamma-Ray Analyzer

The GT-40 Cube represents an advance in effective gamma-ray spectrometers, offering features for construction material testing and documentation. The compact laboratory machine quickly does tests and the cloud services publish reports during a short time.

It is used of accredited Laboratories today for testing of all construction materials against the new EU regulation No 305/2011.

The high sensitivity detector combined with sophisticated software connected to cloud service provides accurate and reliable results at real time. It is very suitable for self-check or accredited control.

The GT-40 Cube system utilizes advanced 1024 channel linear energy DSP spectrometer and pile-up rejecter with build in continuous analysis. It also uses an advanced method of automatic stabilization based on the presence of natural radionuclides; there is no need for an additional radioactive check source.
The GT-40 Cube has user friendly navigation joystick and sun readable color display. Brightness is automatically controlled according external lighting.
The GT-40 Cube compute concentration of K, U and Th. Different calibration modes can be switched so all kinds of construction materials can be tested.
Assay can be extended for also other contaminants.

GT-40 Cube cloud services handle specific or simplified measurement to be present in final documentation. All measurements archives for up to 5 years both for laboratories and clients account.

Client connections show all measurements from latest to oldest.
For producer with longtime control-system there are analyses of standard deviation.