Construction / Environmental
Gamma-Ray Analyzer

The GT-40S represents a major advance in effective gamma-ray spectrometers, offering features for constructions documentation and environmental applications. The compact, one hand unit with integrated GPS give users very pleasant field operation.

The high sensitivity detector combined with sophisticated software connected to mathematic cloud service provides accurate and reliable results at real time. Suitable for self-check or accredited control.

The GT-40S utilizes advanced 1024 channel linear energy DSP spectrometer and pile-up rejecter with build in continuous analysis. It also uses an advanced method of automatic stabilization based on the presence of natural radionuclides, therefore it is no need for an additional radioactive check source. Can also be used in contaminated areas.

The GT-40S can compute concentration of isotopes of known mixtures. For example contaminated soil ( K, U, Th + Cesium ) or Waste deposits respective decommissioning of contaminated facilities. Sensitive gases from nuclear power plants.

Different calibration modes can be used. Switching between different modes is easy.

The GT-40s has user friendly navigation joystick and sun readable color display. Brightness is automatically controlled according external lighting.

High sensitive integrated GPS receiver automatically records the position and store it for each measurement. Measurements can be stamped also by voice notes. Stored voice messages can be replicated by built in speaker.

The GT-40 is powered by a high energy rechargeable lithium pack. This permits operation with the true time measurement up to 12 hours at 20°C.

GT40S integrated cloud services handle specific measurements to be present in final documentation. The storages capability shows all performed measurements up to 5 years.